Air Transport

  • Visitors can use the air service to Kamaman. The Kerteh Airport is located in Kerteh Town, about 20 minutes drive from Chukai, Kemaman
  • Firefly is the company providing air transportation from Subang to Kerteh. To know more about the fare rates, flight schedule and other relevant information, please visit the website

Express Bus Transport

  • Among the express bus service available are Utama Express, Mutiara Express, Maraliner, Transnational and many more. The express bus terminal is located in the center of Kemaman town to facilitate users in using the service.

Other Public Transports.

  • Among other public transport available in Kemaman District are the jump busses, taxis and passenger vans. The jump busses carry passengers from Kemaman town to related destinations. So also with the taxi service available here. Taxis will carry passengers from Kemaman to Kuala Terengganu or other destinations as required by the passengers. Passenger van is a service provided for carrying passengers from the remote areas as there is no public transport provided.