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The interpretation of the combination or the collective aspects produces a dynamic situation to form a structure of strength and ability which shows the goal of Kemaman Municipal Council. It is in line with the aim and objective of Terengganu State Government and it's people.

The object resembles the positive effect in developing a beautiful town. Besides, it realizes the beauty and the formation of concrete elements with the combination of floral environment, industrial residents and economy.

The use of Jawi characters, "Tuluth", adapted from Terengganu State symbol directly shows the softness, strength and uniqueness of Chukai Town in the District of Kemaman. It is followed by the words Kemaman Municipal Council which means the combination of generations which are aware and receptive of the new millennium world geographical structure.


Colour Description
White Symbolizes clealiness and strength
Yellow Industrialization and society's economic resources
Green Shows the floral environment and the beauty of Kemaman town
Blue Peaceful and happy situation
Grey Implementation of controlled and fast developing industries
Black Maximum security to nature which symbolizes strength and protected.