Municipal Circulars
Speakers Allowances File Size: 151 Kb
Revenue collection through internet File Size: 160 Kb
Government's transferable asset management File Size: 7723Kb
Credit Limits File Size: 89.1 Kb
Management of Loss and Write-Off of Public Money File Size: 193 Kb
Terms and Conditions of Malaysian Treasury Housing Loan Scheme File Size: 132 Kb
Treasury Housing Loan Application Form File Size: 332 Kb
Government Procurement Policy
-Example of Expenditure and Purchase of Assets
File Size: 1.68 Mb
File Size: 49 Kb
Regulation on Medical Facility Expenses Application File Size: 859 Kb
Service Circulars
Official dress allowances File Size: 54 Kb
Salary increment File Size: 186 Kb
Acting allowance File Size: 369 Kb
PP No 10 Year 2010 File Size: 56 Kb
Submission of State Government Departments' / Agencies' Publications To Terengganu Public Library for Terengganu Collection File Size: 138 Kb
SUK TRG Circular – Regulation on eating and drinking during working Hours. File Size: 77 Kb
Second Yearly Incentive and Performance Special Remuneration Year 2011. File Size: 133 Kb
Guidelines in National Language Usage in Public Services File Size: 137 Kb
Starting Salary Determination Change Following the Implementation of Minimum-Maximum Salary Schedule replacing Matrix Salary Schedule File Size : 655 Kb
Implementation of Service Matters of Federal Public Service Officers Under the Malaysian Remuneration System File Size : 148 Kb
PP No. 21 of 2009 (Regulation for Medical Amenities Expenses Application) File Size : 879 Kb

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