MPK Trade, Business and Industrial Licence Application

1. All trade, business and industrial licence applications will include several types of forms based on the activities applied.

2. Only the original form will be accepted and processed by the the department.

3. The form is available at the Integrated Counters (No 4 & No. 5), Licensing Division, Level 1, Kemaman Municipal Council, Jalan Air Putih, 24000 Kemaman, Terengganu for RM5.00 per form.

4. Completed premise and advertisement board application forms must be submitted with the following documents :-




A copy of the applicants identification card


Pasport sized photographs (2 copies)


A copy of the company/business registration (ROS/ROB)


A copy of the premise rental/ permission letter/ certified copy of land grant documentations and permission letter to use vehicles


Premise location plan – available at Level 4, MPK Town Planning Department


Site location photographs from the front, side and inside the premise/ vehicle (for mobile vendors using vehicles)


A copy of the premise floor plan including the measurement


A copy of the advertisement sketch/ visual (for those who wish to display advertisement boards)


Supporting letters from other agencies

a.       Kemaman Health Office

b.       Chukai Fire and Rescue Department

c.       Department of Environment (if applicable)

 Application conditions are as follows:


1.    Submit the application form to the same counter.

2.    Applicants must be Malaysians aged 18 years and above to be eligible for consideration.

3.    Site approval process depends on site vacancy/ technical reports.

4.    Selections are also based on the criteria or qualifications stipulated by the Council.

5.    All applications will be processed based on the procedures stipulated through the Licensing & Enforcement Committee each month.

6.    Application results will be sent by mail within one month of the application date.